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Bootstrapping 2018

Coding Bootcamp June 20, 2018

Bootstrapping 2018 is an event designed to lower barriers to entry for newcomers to a hackathon with introductory content on coding, making, and problem-solving

We reached out to experts and organizations leading the data, making, and startup communities to better understand the gaps, needs, and desires of the front line problem solvers, who are carving out a new pathway for others to follow. After conducting more than two-dozen interviews and additional research on workforce in these emerging fields, we focused on ways to empower, equip and honor wannabes who are making a difference in the emergent fields of coding. We created our first Boottrapping workshop as a pre-event to welcome newcomers to the hackathon experience and signal to beginning coders this is a safe space where their unique perspectives and abilities are needed. It helped to ease the transition and provide introductory content on coding, making, dataset retrieval and manipulation, problem solving, and storytelling.

Based on a successful 2017 pilot, the Bootstrapping 2018 is back for 2018. Our coding bootcamp exists to provide hackathon newcomers, specifically underprivileged, a top-level introduction to coding, data science, technology platforms, and challenge development.